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Cook Advisory Scope of Work

Recognizing that no two projects are the same - the following is an example of the scope of work required for a typical P3 Assignment.

Core Consulting Services - Contract, Document and Agreement Review
Cook Advisory will review documentation such as contracts and agreements. We will provide our opinion as to their reasonableness along with specific suggestions for improvement. Commonly included documents are:

  • Request For Qualification
  • Request for Proposal
  • Project/Concession Agreement
  • Operation & Maintenance Agreement and Subcontracts
  • Collateral and Lenders Direct Agreement
  • Design Build Agreement and Subcontracts
  • Design Build Schedule
  • Technical Data
  • Credit Agreements - including insurance specifications and requirements
  • Contracts between the Consortium and its contractors

We will actively participate in discussions with the Consortium members and other parties involved in the project. Additionally the process ensures that the Authority and Lenders' interests are properly addressed through various coverages and underlying contract support mechanisms.

General Insurance Consulting
The insurance offering will be examined and recommendations will be made to the Consortium regarding risk mitigation and adequacy of coverage. Activity in this area will include:

  • Ensuring that the optimal insurance provider is being used
  • Insurance summary for each line of proposed coverage
  • Benchmark cost indications on the recommended insurance program based on the project characteristics
  • An assessment of the creditworthiness of the proposed insurers and reinsurers
  • Strategy for ensuring lowest cost insurance, with highest pre-bid certainty
  • Evaluation of reasonableness of the insurance program to be put in place by the Design Build and Operation & Maintenance Contractors

Performance Guarantee Instrument Consulting

  • Provide opinion on the performance guarantee instruments proposed to be provided by the Design Build and Operation & Maintenance Contractors

Due Diligence Reporting
Cook Advisory will provide documentation outlining all of our findings and subsequent recommendations. This is delivered in a clear and concise format and will reduce paperwork. We will prepare due diligence report(s) for the benefit of the Design Build and Operation & Maintenance Contractors, Equity Stakeholders and Consortium Lenders concerning:

  • Conclusions and recommendations regarding the reviewed documentation
  • Project risk and mitigation (including insurance, when necessary)
  • The proposed insurance program and projected costs
  • Insurance requirements for the period between construction and operation, if any
  • Assessment and recommendations regarding the insurers and reinsurers

Additional Support
Cook Advisory will be available to answer questions raised by any of the P3 project parties with respect to all reports, including potential financiers or underwriters. This also applies to any syndication or sell down process that may arise in the six month period following financial close of the project.

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